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Our New Mom

Ooh, Cold Floor

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Stealth Hunter Mode

Which Way Do We Go?

Funny Looking Cats

Hi! - It's me - Stuart Little Face! We have settled into our new home and love everyone. We have a new sister - Twisty. She's deaf and has a different kind of balance issue than us. She can't hold her head straight up, but she can balance her walk really nicely. We like Twisty and she's nice to us. And, we have our new dog family also - 4 big ol dogs - 3 Golden Retrievers and a Lab. They are learning to respect us cuz we haven't been around dogs before so we have to keep them in line. And our new mom is soooooo cool! She takes very good care of us and takes us with her when she travels. She does horse rescue so she travels regularly. Of course, we've spent time on the road already, so we're experienced in traveling. I like to talk a lot while we're on the move, but Lori talks back to me so we have some great quality discussions!

Here We Come

Handsome Rajah

Our foster mom came to visit us last month and took some pictures for you to see. Yep, that's us on the spiral staircase coming down. We're getting really good at managing our balance issues. We're 8 months old now and we're bigger than a lot of adult cats. We're gonna be big ol monster kitties soon.

Sweet Stuart

Stu's Toyz

Thank you for coming to check up on us! We're living the good life and loving every minute - and we hope you'll do the same. Love, Stu & Rajah