Rajah and Stuart's Page

The White Boyz first joined us in April 2006 -
Along with their Mother Aurora and 3 other babies. The White Boyz were clones of Aurora - the other kittens being tabbies. Aurora was a gentle sweet cat ready to love the moment she caught sight of us. Life had not been kind to her. Dumped at the shelter just before she was due to deliver she had never been vaccinated and quickly caught Panleukopenia. She was so ill, but worked very hard to deliver and care for her kittens. A friend of ours with Kitten Rescue called us and asked if we couldn't make room for this very precious cat and her babies, now just days old.

Unfortunately no one at the shelter had diagnosed Aurora so she went untreated until she came into our care. Within two days it was obvious that Aurora was ill and was struggling to care for herself and the babies. Off she went to the vet for tests and medication, then she came to the ranch to be nursed and get the special care that could make her better. Sadly it was too late for Aurora and she slipped away that night, leaving 5 tiny kittens behind.

Now that we knew the cause of her illness we also knew that the kittens would not survive without a miracle. We searched for that miracle and found a new medication that might help. While we worked to secure the medication, 2 of the tabby kittens passed away. No sooner had we gotten the medication than another tabby kitten left us. Now all who were left were the two little spirits of Aurora, both obviously ill as well. We were committed - Aurora's loving commitment to her kittens in spite of her failing health would not be in vain. The medication, costing over $150 per prescription, was started. Frequent feedings - no more than 2 hours apart - were necessary to get enough nourishment into the feverish uncomfortable kittens. A week passed - then a second week - feedings stretched out to 4 hours - then a third week with kittens who were interested in the world and began to strive to survive on their own.

There were a couple of relapses when the fever came back and their little spirits sagged but we were right there with the medication and increased care and love. Finally, at 7 weeks old we knew we had survivors on our hands - and we couldn't be happier. Apparently neither could the White Boyz - who are actually named - Rajah, for his majestic little spirit and Stuart Little-Face, who looked like his famous namesake as a tiny baby. They are affectionate to the extreme - loving their human caregivers and just about any people who come their way.

Part of the results of kittens coming up against Panleukopenia, also called Feline Distemper, is that the virus attacks the cerebellum and causes Cerebellar Hypoplasia. The effect is only that their ability to control their movements are hampered, like an inner ear balance issue and their vision/depth perception is somewhat impaired. As the Boyz grew and started to become more mobile their situation became obvious. But do the Boyz let it get them down? No way, they run albeit taking a few more turns than the average kittens and certainly a lot more bumps, they leap, they play. As time passes we expect that the Boyz will learn to compensate and their movements will improve - anyway that's been the experience of other people with CH cats.

So here we are now, with the Boyz at almost 4 months old and it's time to let them find their own home where they can be the center of a family's love and attention. It is one of the hardest releases we'll have to do - they are so endearing, but it's only fair to them and we want only what's best for them.

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Updated 10/02/06