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November 2009

Hi everyone-
Jenny O's first office visit went really well. Here she is with Dr. Kermit Smith, DVM from Norco Animal Hospital. He will be contacting Dr. Ronald Beeley, DVM with VCA Upland to consult on the surgery for her Diaphragmatic Hernia. We should have her appointment for surgery scheduled sometime in the next two weeks. If you look real close at the x ray picture, you can see her right side has partial use of the lung, but the left side is completely full of her other organs...poor girl...or should I say lucky girl... she has such a big fan club...including you all!!!

We all understand that once her operation is finished and she makes it out of surgery (which will be a risky one), she should make a full recovery and be 100% back to normal...WOW...what a great outcome that will be! We all pray for her to reach this goal of $1,400. And once she has recovered she will be available for adoption. She is house trained, cookie trained, and nap trained...her favorite thing to do is cuddle up in the covers and take naps with you. Oh, and she loves her stuffed toys too!!!

Thanks for your help and support......and please stay tuned for her updates.

Love from Linda and the ranch kitties
... and a special Thanks to all of you who share in the drive to put Jenny O back together again!