Jenny O's Page

shelter picture on her kennel card
hair matted and injured right shoulder

This is Jenny O.
She was hit by a car sometime ago this year and after trying to survive on her own for several months, with her wounds not healing on her right shoulder, and her bones sticking out, a family in the neighborhood brought her to the shelter in Riverside for medical attention. The shelter can only make the dog comfortable until the owner shows up and then the owner must take them to their own vet for treatment. So that is what they did, made her as comfortable as possible for the waiting period required by law.

She hung in there while "waiting" for her owner to show up... and waited... and waited... Then on her last day of waiting, we saw her... so sad in her kennel, cold, wet and hurt. We had to pull her out of the shelter to give her a second chance. Once the legal waiting period time was up we got her. Not only did she dodge the Euthanasia room, she would get a second chance. Just think... hit by a car, wandering the streets for several months with open wounds, brought to the shelter, just to wait to die. Unfortunately the shelter has limited resources for the unwanted pets and can only do so much. But just as luck has changed for her, because we showed the interest in her, they, the Riverside County Department of Animal Services volunteered to fix her shoulder while they spay her. That was so great and such a blessing.

surgery for repair on right shoulder and spay

recovering after surgery

just one day after surgery

Oh, and we thought all Jenny O's problems would be solved. Spayed, fixed her shoulder, shots, microchip, and some good old rescue loving care... but no... sadly not... her troubles are not over. She was diagnosed with a condition called Diaphragmatic Hernia. She barely made it out of the surgery. But thanks to the wonderful Doctor and Veterinary Staff at the county clinic, her life was saved... again! So now with the knowledge of her condition we can fix it with your help.

What is a diaphragmatic hernia? The diaphragm is the muscular partition that separates the abdomen and the chest. Tearing or disruption of this thin muscle. The most common cause of diaphragmatic hernia is blunt trauma. This type of trauma can occur after an automobile accident or a blow to the abdomen. There is another type of diaphragmatic hernia which is Congenital and not caused by trauma. Surgery is required on both types to insure survival to the animal.

She is a very sweet and loving dog and really deserves this chance. She will also be available for adoption after her surgery.

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Posted 11/06/09