Starlight is always in need for foster parents. What can be more rewarding then taking in a litter of orphan kittens or a mom cat with babies who was dumped at the shelter by an irresponsible owner or that chubby senior cat whose elderly guardian passed away and the surviving family members don't want the responsibility!!!

Many families foster as a way to teach their children about compassion and responsibility. Why not take in an already pregnant mom from the shelter and let your children experience the miracle of birth.

Whether you can care for one cat or many, just once or frequently, we would love for you to become a Starlight Foster Parent at whatever level of commitment you choose. We offer training, guidance, lots of moral support and occasionally homebaked goodies at participating adoption events.

If caring for an animal in your home is not possible yet you still want to be involved with helping animals we have many other volunteer opportunities available. E-mail us to learn more about these rewarding experiences.


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