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He's not really old enough to be responsible for taking on a group of kids, but he knew that this wasn't right and ran home to get his mother to come and do something. His mother had been in cat rescue just a short time, but kept her children fully involved in it with her, so off they went to the edge of the water. Sure enough, there was a small group of kids with a bunch of kittens they were in the process of doing 'something' to. While all of the children denied any intentional wrong-doing, the boy had overheard their talk about the drownings. Some of the kittens were soaked in some fluid. Some of the kittens were totally wet. There were 8 little kittens looking for help and this mother and her son were there to fix things. They not only took all of the kittens, but went to the children's homes and got the mothers of the kittens as well.

After a turn like that, the kittens took a while to regain their health, but they never lost their love and affection for people. It's like they knew that they had been saved and would be safe forever now. The kittens were all restored to good health and all placed into loving forever homes.

The mothers of the kittens were 'retired' from the mommy profession, which is good because they were still kittens themselves, and are looking for their own homes now. We hear that one is planning to move to her forever home in the next week.


Army came quietly and gently into our lives in 2003. Found in downtown in front of the Salvation Army offices, he was huddling behind a planter very quietly calling out for help. Several people stopped to listen but didn't believe that they had heard anything. One young lady knew the sound of a call for help and stopped to search out the sound. Sure enough, there was a skinny, drooling & frightened cat looking up from the planter where he was hiding. She called her mother, who volunteered in cat rescue and worked just a couple of blocks away. While Tiffani gathered up a box & blanket, her mother walked over. No doubt about it, this guy needed help. While he was big enough to be intimidating, when she reached down to pick him up, he just melted into her hands and that was the beginning of the rest of his life.

Army is a big beautiful golden tabby and white cat. He was about 12 years old. He was drooling because he had advanced stomatitis - a condition like gingivitis that extends into the roots of the teeth and the bones. This is a very painful condition and that's why Army was so skinny. It was painful to eat. In spite of the pain, whenever a lap became available, Army moved right into it except, he doesn't lay in a lap, but extends himself up so that his paws are on the shoulders and his heart is next to his person's heart and that's exactly where he would stay as long as you would be still for him. We nicknamed him "The Velcro Kitty."

The veterinarian started out with antibiotics, corticosteroids, and pain medication to try to reverse some of the damage. Army could eat again. He gained weight, started showing his happy playful side and his beautiful coat began to glow. There were times when Army was in great pain and would be shaking from the affects of it. I would gather him up, give him extra pain medication, cover us both up and lay down with him. Eventually, he would heave a big sigh, relax and go to sleep. It was my honor to stay with him while he slept peacefully. After two months of this treatment with no improvement in the stomatitis, it became clear that Army would need to have all of his teeth removed and remain on special medication for the rest of his life an expensive proposition for a older cat. Rescue groups joined together to help Army and fund raising began. Within two months, the funds were raised. His surgery went well and he tolerated the necessary medication. He was now ready for adoption.

So here's this cat, handsome as he was, looking for a home, but he had two strikes against him - his age and his condition. Army didn't let that stop him at all. At adoption events, he attracted a lot of attention. He was outgoing, loving & handsome and would become a Velcro Kitty for anyone who wanted to hold him. Then, there she was. Jean wasn't really looking for another cat. She already had one cat who was a bit of a handful. But when Jean met Army, she was a goner. This was her kind of cat. Army found his forever home in Balboa with a family who's constantly there for him and loves him totally. His health continues to be strong. He's playful, inquisitive, loving and the best companion a person could wish for, says Jean today.