This is Bunkie from France!

We all moved there 6 months ago and we wanted to let you know that all is well here! The long flight was a little hard on me and Fluffy (although we had an extra seat just for us! A friend of Alex and Charlotte who worked at Air France pretended the seat was broken to reserve it for us ;-)) but it was worth it since now we are living The Life in France!

We moved twice since then and we are now in a beautiful 2 bedroom apartment with a gorgeous ocean view and a mezzanine where we can race at night (I just broke the record of the fastest cat going downstairs after a paper ball). Charlotte cooks for us healthy French food all the time since I decided I couldn't stand the industrial food anymore...


I also became a real 'French Lover' with Fluffy more tender and loving then ever! Anyway it's fall now and we hope the winter won't be too hard since we are all used to California weather. For now it's still warm and we enjoy laying down on the Terrace and get tan! (Fluffy is the best at this.)


Fluffy says hi...

and Charlotte and Alex too of course!!
Keep in touch,