If you are looking to place a rescued pet, orphan cat/kitten or a pet you can no longer keep, we urge you AGAINST taking it to the City/County shelter. This is not a solution. Please know that these shelters are doing the best they can but they are hopelessly overcrowded and the vast majority, about 90% of animals, in these shelters are NOT ADOPTED and ARE EUTHANIZED... usually within days.

If you are willing to take care of your rescued animal until it is adopted, most rescue groups will help you place your rescue via their adoption events and web sites. If you can not foster your rescue until it is adopted, many friends or family members are willing to do so, knowing that it's only temporary and they will not have to make a life long commitment. See if they can foster while you and your local rescue group work together to place the animal.

You will want to get the cats or kittens spayed/neutered before you place them with a rescue group, as long as they are 2 lbs or over. If they are not yet 2 lbs and the rescue group has agreed to foster them, please make sure it is a rescue group that will commit to the spay and neuter before they place them in a forever home.
Here is a link for low cost spay and neuter clinics in the Riverside Area.

The more you do for them, the better your chances are that a rescue group will take them. Micro chip, vaccines, de-worm, de-flea and test for FIV/FeLV...these are all expenses that rescue groups have to do, so if you do it, they will usually put taking your cats or kittens first before others....this will save them much needed funds to continue their rescue attempts.

When you are contacting the rescue groups for placement, you will want to try to pull money together and offer these funds to the rescue group as a donation that will go along with the cats or kittens. A lot of times you can collect donations from work, school or your neighborhood so the burden is not solely on you. This will also help you be placed first on their list to take in your cats or kittens.

For help with fostering and placing an animal in need of a home visit Sue Freeman's Rescue Guide where you will find a complete list of the Humane Groups near you!


1834.5. Notwithstanding any other provision of law, whenever any animal is delivered to any veterinarian, dog kennel, cat kennel, pet-grooming parlor, animal hospital, or any other animal care facility pursuant to any written or oral agreement entered into after the effective date of this section, and the owner of such animal does not pick up the animal within 14 calendar days after the day the animal was due to be picked up, the animal shall be deemed to be abandoned. The person into whose custody the animal was placed for care shall first try for a period of not less than 10 days to find a new owner for the animal, and, if unable to place the animal with a new owner, shall thereafter humanely destroy the animal so abandoned.

If an animal so abandoned was left with a veterinarian or with a facility which has a veterinarian, and a new owner cannot be found pursuant to this section, such veterinarian shall humanely destroy the animal. There shall be a notice posted in a conspicuous place, or in conspicuous type in a written receipt given, to warn each person depositing an animal at such animal care facilities of the provisions of this section.

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